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art rehab

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In a slump? Relapsed or fallen into your lazy ways? Can't get anything done??
Want to start off the year with something other than a resolution?

⁂ 4 weeks. (January 2011)
⁂ one project due each week.
⁂ pictures must be taken of project / documents need to be sent at the beginning and end of that week's completion. must be emailed to art.planners@gmail.com
⁂ after full completion, artist will receive a digital certification for their blog/lj/whathaveyou.
⁂ if you miss a week's project deadline, you're out of the program...

A public online show of artist's chosen work will show in February at art_planners.

Fill out some paperwork and send it to art.planners@gmail.com if you are interested. Please follow the instructions.

1. lj name ____________
2. Artist info/short introduction in a few sentences:
3. Overall goal in one sentence:
4. Week 1 project:
5. Week 2 project:
6. Week 3 project:
7. Week 4 project:

Members in rehab will be displayed in the community's user info page.
allow? y/n: _______

any questions?? comments, suggestions? post here!
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