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In a slump? Relapsed or fallen into your lazy ways? Can't get anything done??
Want to start off the year with something other than a resolution?

⁂ 4 weeks. (January 2011)
⁂ one project due each week.
⁂ pictures must be taken of project / documents need to be sent at the beginning and end of that week's completion. must be emailed to art.planners@gmail.com
⁂ after full completion, artist will receive a digital certification for their blog/lj/whathaveyou.
⁂ if you miss a week's project deadline, you're out of the program...

A public online show of artist's chosen work will show in February at art_planners.

Fill out some paperwork and send it to art.planners@gmail.com if you are interested. Please follow the instructions.

1. lj name ____________
2. Artist info/short introduction in a few sentences:
3. Overall goal in one sentence:
4. Week 1 project:
5. Week 2 project:
6. Week 3 project:
7. Week 4 project:

Members in rehab will be displayed in the community's user info page.
allow? y/n: _______

any questions?? comments, suggestions? post here!
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So my fall art funk seems to be ending, having been inspired by the bare winter trees and. I'm getting back into my painting, art planner, asdfkjsdf

working on a neglected painting:(
starting and stopping a new one!

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The Wi Clan & the
Witchester Gang Property Map

Rachel JeeHye Thomas

StatementCollapse )

*Sept. Gallery: work to be added
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I am yearning to learn more about our members, and hope other people feel this way too. I'd like to extend invitations to THE SEPTEMBER GALLERY. This is a challenge for us to create one piece of art that we can display in one large post at the end of September. If you are interested, please Email racheljeehyethomas@gmail.com with "art_planners" in the subject. leave a comment. One must be willing to have it be shown in a public post at this community. I think we should also tag the entry with our "professional" names so people can us and our art in web searches.

Art can be anything and there is no theme. If this is something that people are interested in in the future, it may be fun to implement a theme but first we have to see if people actually want to participate in this.

Also, anyone with an Etsy shop that wants free advertising in our comm info, please send a banner to me at the Email listed above, racheljeehyethomas@gmail.com.. the only caveat is that you have to have a portfolio post (intro post of sorts) established.:)
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Membership to this community is now closed moderated again! Please intend on posting if you request membership. No silent artists please.
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