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think. design. finish. inspire.
art rehab in session!
Artists who completed rehab 2011:
1. quatragammatron
2. Artist info/short introduction in a few sentences: heather utah. synthwhore. sock puppet. artist provocateur. walnut house wife.
3. Overall goal in one sentence: doing all the things i think 'real artists' do.
4. Week 1 project: sample crochet grid drawings / text [5] and write application to art matters festival
5. Week 2 project: complete art house co-op submission mystery maps journal [62 pages to be filled OUCH]
6. Week 3 project: learn the double knitting technique and draft 4 heart motif coasters as samples
7. Week 4 project: hutchison hutch story zine - write / format / print

Kids, if you want to piss off your parents show interest in the arts

In them we can follow the movement of their ideas. We can be part of the creative process that led them to switch freely from one work to another or to return again and again to lines already crossed out and altered many times.

"every child is an artist. the problem is how to remain an artist when he grows up"-picasso

stuck in limbo? where to start? create a planner that is solely for your art planning. keep cut-outs, scribbles, and a list of projects small or lifetime that you want to achieve. Share them here, share your progress, share your hopes and fears. I also think networking is an outcome of this comm that we can all benefit from, so network!

think. design. finish. inspire. think. design. finish.

1. Each member will have ONE MAIN post (A Portfolio Post). A list of members will be listed on the front page in the sidebar, listed alphabetically.

2. For each project, create an lj-cut to allow easy reference. SEE EXAMPLE .

prepare for the web and use your own discretion on size. usually 500px wide does fine.

no hotlinking! use your own service- lj, photobucket, flickr, etc

lj-cuts. confused? --> lj-cuts

scanned notebooks, organizers, scribbles, sketches, doodles
personal thoughts and inspirations
what it means to make art today and yesterday for tomorrow
literal planning and organizing through checklists, magazine cut-outs, fingerprints
maintaining creativity, making yourself make something
how to make a living and still maintain art
how to make a living by art
budgeting methods, sharing your creative ways in doing so (or tips for grant writing)
sketchbooks taped from years of handling
realizing the (artistic) profession of your choice, promising to follow it.
drawing simple things for tomorrow
art eating away your everything, taking over everything practical